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posted June 28 2010 17:35 58 PM

Pagina Uno~

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June 28 2010 17:39 58 PM

The Nej



How do you like the cruddy art so far? Haha I promise it'll get better! xD;;

I haven't even put up the first page and I have 2 Fans. I feel loved. c:

I'll be gone on vacation for the next 3 weeks, but don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I'm going to bring my tablet and my dad's laptop so I'll be working on a few pages while I'm over there. I also already had a few pages done from before so I'll be uploading daily until I run out. I'll try to update once I get there, if I have internet connection, but if not than you'll just have to wait. xD;

So yeah Enjoy the comic and I hope to see a bunch of fans when I return~ c:

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October 19 2019 21:03 18 PM



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June 28 2010 21:24 11 PM

DJ Katsu


I'm excited about this! It looks quite promising~ c:
And it's not cruddy art! I like it! :D

Hope you have a fun time~!

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