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posted August 17 2010 10:51 37 AM

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August 17 2010 10:55 37 AM

The Nej


Here's the next page. I seriously need to work on my screen toning. xD;

Theres only one more page left until Chapter two, so be on your toes. x]


CUTIE GRL - Maybe you are and maybe you aren't theres only one way to find out~ x]

Lol, I;m glad you enjoyed it, I tried to make it sound as cheesy as I possibly could. x]

DAWNINGDARKNESS - Lol, Your such a meanie! But I understand, after all who wouldn't want to tease the little bugger?

Lol, You'll see~

RINRIN68 - Awww, thank you. x] and Yes, He is if I do say so myself. To bad you probably won't be seeing him again though. xD

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