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posted September 02 2010 12:33 38 PM

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September 02 2010 12:58 38 PM

The Nej


School started today.... yay. Lol, it wasn't THAT bad, just super hot. We're in the middle of a heat wave and my stupid school doesn't have air conditioning. So it was a bit of a pain, but what can you do? Oh theres a storm coming and it's gunna hit us on Friday and if you don't hear from me for a week or so it's because my internet's been knocked out or my powers out. I hope neither happens but if it does I'm telling you beforehand.

I wonder what Alan's going to give Leon? x]]

Well yeah, Enjoy~

JewishStar Why thank you. c:

BlauTag Lol, and we both know how he's gunna do that~ ~wink wink~ xD

DawningDarkness Leon's hair color is on the first page. [SPOILER It doesn't stay that way for long SPOLIER] xDD;

Lol Alan's just a bit of a jerk, but he means well, most of the time anyway. x]

That makes one of us. As you can tell I'm not a very fashiony person.

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September 18 2019 1:04 40 AM



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September 02 2010 16:17 43 PM

Blau Tag


O// ^ //O
I wanna know what he's going to give him so badly...

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